General Sales Conditions


Make sure you read carefully the general sales conditions before making any order.


Protection of data

- The information and data that you communicate to us at the time of your purchase help us to manage your order contract so that we can follow your product until delivery.

- We promise not to sell or cede this information to a third party.

- According to the law about Information Technology and Freedom of Information dated the 6 January 1978, you have right of access, rectification and opposition to the personal data that concerns you. To have access you simply need to send us an email to the following email address: or a letter indicating your surname, first name, postal address and email address and if possible your order reference number to the following address: JAREDOC, 40 Quai de la Regratterie, 79000 Niort.

- The current site and the contact file attached to it have been declared at the CNIL-Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (National Commission for Information Technology and Freedom of Information) under reference number 1796622 v 0.


General Sales Conditions for the DVD

1. About JAREDOC

2. Formality of the order contract

3. Availability and delivery

4. Transfer of ownership - Transfer of risks

5. Price and payment

6. Licence

7. Restriction on the use of products

8. Exchange policy - Withdrawal period

9. Our liability

10. Importation rights

11. Applicable law

12. Right of access and rectification

13. Buyer's acceptance

14. Schools and Institutions

The present general sales conditions apply to all the sales of DVD of the film « The En Primeur Wine Sales of Bordeaux Classified Growths » (hereafter the « DVD ») done via the web site (hereafter the « Site »), and / or directly to JAREDOC, for a private usage. Please read the general conditions of sale carefully before ordering this product in whichever format you have chosen. You must understand that in ordering our product, you have accepted to be bound by the general sales conditions.

1. About JAREDOC

The distributor is registered at the office of the Tribunal of Commerce in NIORT, RCS804505667.
JAREDOC, 40 quai de la Regratterie 79000  NIORT. On internet:

JAREDOC distributes and sells DVDs ("Digital Versatile Disc") for all zones in PAL and NTSC formats. Images, in addition to the texts, illustrating the Products, as well as texts detailing the content of the Products, are not part of this contractual agreement.

It is your duty to see if you have the appropriate IT material / DVD player to watch the DVD.

2. Formality of the Contract

2.1 All orders are subject to acceptance. We will send a sales confirmation note. The contract will only be formed when we send you confirmation of dispatch. 

2.2 The order contract will only concern the products whose dispatch has been confirmed in the dispatch confirmation. We are not obliged to supply other products which might have been part of your order until these products have been confirmed in a separate dispatch confirmation.

2.3 These general conditions of sale apply to the order contract and exclude any other conditions that you might try to include or impose or which are implied in business, custom, practice or treatment.

2.4 You declare that you are at least 18 years old and have the legal right to allow you to order the product on the web site.

 3. Availability and Delivery

3.1 Your order must be delivered at the delivery date given in the dispatch confirmation or if no date is specified, within 30 days from the date of the confirmation of the order, except under exceptional circumstances caused by the transporters or natural disasters.

3.2 We can at any moment inform you of possible delays in the sending or the delivery of our products and we can, at our discretion, but only if that is deemed necessary, modify the dates of sending or in consequence of delivery.

3.3 The Products will be delivered at the address you have given to JAREDOC when ordering the DVD.

3.4 The Products are sent as an individual parcel. This can also be the case for an order with more than one DVD. However, in the case of an order for multiple DVDs, your products could be sent in different parcels with different delivery times.

4. Transfer of Ownership – Transfer of Risks

4.1 The risk transfer of the loss or damage of the Products will be transferred to the Client right from delivery, as soon as you or a designated third party signs for the Product.

4.2 Under the law of 12 May 1980 and by specific agreement between the parties, JAREDOC reserves the ownership of the DVD supplied until the last day of complete payment by the Customer. The ownership of the Products will be transferred to you after the full payment of all amounts related to the order, including delivery costs.

4.3 You will be liable for the total costs of replacement of the Products if they are lost or damaged whatever the reason.

5. Price and Payment

5.1 The prices given in Euros include all taxes, but exclude postage which is at the charge of the Client, whoever the Client is. The prices given in Euros include the French ‘VAT’ applicable on the order date. Any change in the ‘VAT’ rate will be immediately applied to the selling price.

Prices given in other currencies are given purely as an indication. 

5.2 Prices may change at any time without notice, but these changes will not affect orders for which we have already sent a delivery confirmation. The articles will be billed in Euros, on the basis of an exchange rate in force at the time the order is registered. The price is payable in totality and in one single payment with the order. All orders are billed in Euros and payable in Euros. For any delivery outside mainland France, customs duties or local taxes are at the charge of the addressee. 

5.3 All Products must be paid for as follows:

By bank transfer to JAREDOC. Bank account details will be given at the time of confirmation of the order.

5.4 Postage and carriage fees include participation for preparation and packing and the cost of postage for any delivery in France and outside mainland France

5.5 Delivery rates: rates are French postal rates for Colissimo France, Union European and International, all rates being available on the internet web site of La Poste (

6. The licence

6.1 If you show a DVD, or videos publically without holding a licence, you are infringing copyright and can be sued for damages and interests.

You will need a licence if you are showing films:

-to improve the company's training or communication material;

-to create a welcoming atmosphere in a hall or waiting area;

-to supply entertainment for customers, residents, passers-by or patients;

-within an educational establishment.

If you wish to show the film « La Vente en Primeur des Vins Grands Crus Classés Bordelais » (“En primeur Wine sales of Bordeaux Classified Growths” publically, please contact JAREDOC at

6.2 The licence is accorded to you alone and cannot include other companies, organizations, individuals or firms, linked or not linked or associated with your company or  organization, member of the group or franchise, directors or employees of these companies or organizations. 

7. Restrictions on the Use of Products

7.1 All copyright, brand names, rights of conception and other rights of intellectual property (whether registered or not) in relation to these products as well as to all the content of our product or advertising material or present on our website, will remain our property.

7.2 Under NO circumstances will you be authorized to:

(a) Copy or duplicate a whole product or part of it;

(b) Translate, edit, modify or make additions to a DVD;

(c) Sell, hire out or lend a product.

The videograms supplied are, except for specific mention to the contrary, exclusively designed for private use within the family according to the terms of article L 122-5 of the Code of Intellectual Property. All the other rights are reserved. The term “private use” excludes notably any showing in public places such as clubs, video libraries, cars, boats, bars and tobacconists, hospitals, hotels, oil rigs, prisons and educational establishments.

8. Exchange policy - Withdrawal period

8.1 In the unlikely case that you receive products which are not what you have ordered or which are damaged or defective, or are of a quantity different to that on the order confirmation, we can, at our discretion, repair any defect or non-delivery. We can replace or repair defective or damaged products, or reimburse the amount that you have paid for the products in question on condition that: you have informed us of the problem by writing to the address indicated on the delivery confirmation and that within 7 working days following the delivery of the products and on the condition that the products are returned to us for checking. Nothing in this paragraph affects your statutory rights.

Mode of application of a failure when unpacking the DVD:

From the effective date of collection of the DVD, you have 7 days to inform us of any dysfunction when watching the film. When sending back the DVD, it is critical that you describe as best as you can the problem you face with the DVD. The DVD can be read by DVD players in all zones. However, the DVD is available in both PAL and NTSC formats and JAREDOC cannot be responsible for a dysfunction related to the purchase of a DVD in a format (PAL or NTSC) that is not the one used where you live and/or in the place where you watch the film. 

Only the Products presenting a real failure when unpacking it will be accepted. Your DVD will be checked by our technician. If our technician does not observe the failure you described, your DVD will be returned to you at your own cost.

The DVD is delivered in a good quality packaging, maintaining the Product and protecting it against potential shocks during transportation. In the case the DVD that is a delivered present a defective packaging or any other defect, you must give notice to JAREDOC of all your doubts about the DVD within seven working days following the delivery.

If all the conditions are met, JAREDOC will generate a return agreement number. The DVD will have to be returned in its original packaging, even if this packaging has been opened, with all its elements (box, DVD, parcel, etc).

8.2 Specific conditions to use your withdrawal right

The Client has a right of withdrawal. For whatever the reason, the Client can return a Product within fourteen days following the delivery of the parcel, in its original unopened packaging, DVD under the original cellophane, to:


40 Quai de la Regratterie

79000 NIORT

The cost of sending back the Product is at the charge of the Client.

No withdrawal will be accepted if the returned DVD cannot be sold again to another Client. Consequently, the DVD must be returned in perfect condition, with no defects, in its original unopened packaging, not unsealed, not damaged, not marked. If not returned in these conditions, the DVD will be sent back to you, at your own cost.

Returns will not be accepted for the DVD if the withdrawal right is expressed after the withdrawal period and/or if the original packaging has been opened, unsealed, scratched, marked and/or if the DVD has been used.

8.3 We will in as far as possible try to reimburse any amounts that you are owed using the same method as you used to pay for your purchase at the beginning.

9. Our Liability

9.1 We guarantee that any product bought from us is of satisfactory quality and adapted for the normal use of this type of product. Photos are communicated to illustrate the Product and are not contractual. The legal warranty against hidden defects, as mentioned in the civil Code (art. 1641 and next) applies in any case.

9.2 The liability of JAREDOC can not be brought in the case of force majeure. As non-exclusive examples of force majeure we can quote strikes, lock-outs, riots, revolutions, demonstrations, war, epidemics, official prescription, difficulties with transport or postal services, breakdown of machines, fire, accident or material damage during work, transport, handling or storage, failure of a supplier to supply goods.

9.3 The products proposed comply with the French legislation that is in force. JAREDOC declines all responsibility if the article delivered does not comply with the legislation of the country of delivery (censorship, forbidden title or authors). It is your responsibility to check with local authorities the extent you are allowed to import or use the Product that you are willing to order.

9.4 JAREDOC is not responsible for the content of websites which links from its own site may lead to.

10. Importation rights

10.1 If you are ordering products for delivery outside France, they can be subject to duties and taxes which are levied when the Product is delivered to its destination. You will be liable for the payment of all these import duties and taxes. Please note that we have no control over these costs and we cannot predict their amount. It is your responsibility to contact the local customs office for more information about the transport of your order.

10.2 Please note too that you must respect all the laws and regulations in force in the country for which the products are intended.

12. Applicable Law

11.1 These general sales conditions make up the whole agreement between you and us. No other general conditions or particular conditions communicated by the Client would be integrated to the current general sales conditions.

11.2 All the disputes concerning the validity, the execution or interpretation of the current general sales conditions and any order or contract made between the Client and JAREDOC will be judged by the legitimate French court, in accordance with the French law.

11.3 Nothing in the current paragraph can limit or exclude any liability in the case of fraud.

11.4 The language of reference that prevails in case of contesting or claim is the French language.

12. Rights of Access and Rectification

12.1 Caring deeply about your private life, JAREDOC treats all the information about you in the strictest confidentiality. When you purchase the products, we only ask you for information which is essential (name, first name, address, telephone, e-mail) for a quality treatment and a careful follow-up of your order. The data captured on line is saved on a secure server. We promise not to divulge this data to a third person and to only use it to ensure the treatment of your orders.

12.2 Moreover, we declare the totality of our files to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (National Commission of Information Technology and Liberty) (registration number 1796622 v 0).

12.3 Under the law about Information Technology and Liberty of the 6 January 1978, you have a right of access and of rectification of the data that concerns you. You may be informed of our offers by email or by letter. If you do not wish to receive this information please contact us (indicating your name, first name address and email address) at, or

-By post

-By telephone

12.5 So that we can offer you a personalised service whilst you are browsing our website, we use cookies. Some of our services require the user's acceptance of cookies. If your browser is set up to refuse cookers, your access to these services may be altered or even impossible. The cookies register some information which is stocked in the memory of your hard disc. Cookies never contain confidential information like your name and bankcard number, but allow you to keep the pages that you selected on your previous visits to the website, in the memory of your computer. Moreover a warning message asks you if you accept cookies and you are of course free to refuse.

13. Acceptance of the Buyer

The present general conditions of sale as well as the prices are agreed and accepted by the Client who declares and recognizes that he knows the terms and prices and renounces the possibility to bring forward any contradictory document and in particular his own general conditions of purchase. The sales contract entails acceptance of these general sales conditions.

The present conditions may be modified at any time with no prior warning. The general conditions of sale that are applied are the one available on the web site at the date an order is made by the Client.

14. Schools and Educational Establishments

14.1 Please note: The price of the DVD indicated on the websites where the DVD is sold only concerns sales to the public for a private use (cf. article 7).

14.2 For the price for companies/businesses and for educational establishments and teachers please send us an email at:


JAREDOC  -  40 Quai de la Regratterie  - 79000 NIORT - France - +33 (0)648 364 492


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